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PIT and BIT Filing Services

Bhutan Tax Consulting Service, Thimphu is pleased to provide the PIT and BIT return filing services.

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Professional Electronics Repair Service

Professional Electronics Repair Service at Your Doorstep.

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Legal Services at Changzamtok

The legal Office at Changzamtok, Thimphu Bhutan is providing the following services:

KC Training Institute is pleased to announce that they providing a vacation course for your child - Essential ICT..

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Foreign Currency Exchange

Capital Money Exchange is pleased to announce that they provide the service of Foreign Currency Exchange.

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Winter Coaching at Pelkhil School (Thimphu)

Registration going on for winter coaching at Pelkhil School (Thimphu) for class X and XII students.

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Design Works

Architecture is like writing. You have to edit it over and over so it looks effortless.

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Druk Rigpa Taxi Service

Druk Rigpa Taxi Service based in Thimphu provides a discount Taxi service with your choice.

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Roof Painting Service

Druk Brush is pleased to provide roof painting services. For more details contact the given number below.

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After School Tuition

After School Tuition at Pelki School from 1st August.

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Summer Coaching Class at Pelkhil School

Tutorial Class is pleased to announce the Summer Coaching Class at Pelkhil School.

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Druk Car Rental service

Druk Car Rental service is one of the most reliable rental car in Bhutan. We have our own fleet of tourist vehicles.

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Plumbing Service

Contact 17648366/17808892 to avail of Plumbing Service for 24x7 at Paro and Thimphu.

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Space to Celebrate

Ri Rab Restaurant is pleased to provide the space to celebrate.

VTOB is pleased to announce the registration for Weekend Dzongkha Tuition.

VTOB is pleased to announce the registration for the After School Enrichment Program for all class level.