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Subscribe to Dziseldra following these easy steps
This happens when you have made a Scan and Pay QR code payment and it usually doesn't take us more than a business day to verify your payment. If it has taken you more than a day, you may have submitted without entering your journal number OR the Payment Gateway has deducted your payment but wasn't registered as successful. Therefore, please send us your email and journal number to our email so we can verify your payment and activate your account.
This happens when you are clicking links from FB app or when you are not logged in. It doesn't mean you are not a paid subscriber. Please follow these simple steps to keep you logged in:
  1. Log out from your account on your browser if you are logged in
  2. Open fb app and click on any post of dziseldra
  3. Then on the top right corner() you will find three dots. Click on it and select "open in browser"
  4. Then when it opens in the browser, click the subscribe button to login again with your email and password. If you don't remember your password you can reset it by selecting "forgot password" la.
  5. The issue should be solved and the browser won't ask for your login details again. If in case the issue persists, kindly remove all your browser cookies and cache (this can be found in your browser history) and repeat the process.
First you need to logout. And then go to to reset your password. You can see the "forgot password" option in the log in screen as well.

To configure your feed first go to "My feed" page and on the right you will see a floating gear button. Click on it and it will lead you to your configuration page. You can subscribe to keywords, categories and tags. Companies can also be subscribed, but you will have to visit individual company's page and follow them to get it on your feed.

Once you have configured your post, you will get notifications if it matches your configuration settings. For eg, if you subscribed to the keyword "director", any post that contains the word director will be posted to you.

In order to enable push notifications please visit press the enable push notifications button. Once enabled, you will get notifications directly to your device's notification center. For iphone, in order to use push notifications, you will have to use Google Chrome browser since Safari currently doesn't this feature.

This happens when we need to restart our services which makes your old session invalid. However, since your session data is stored in your browser, you will have to clear your browser data. Please follow the instructions in the image below to remove your browsing data. Once cleared you will have to login again. If the below step doesn't work, please forcefully log out by typing on oyour browser's url bar