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Motithang Higher Secondary School

UNDER Department of School Education

Motithang Higher Secondary School, located in Motithang, which means an abode of pearls, was established on April 1, 1975. When it started it was known as Motithang Central School. The school had one building and a total student population of two hundred and thirty-five. There were classes ranging from one to eight with fourteen teachers including the principal. The school was then upgraded to a junior high school level with the phasing out of classes one and two, and upgrading of the school till class ten in 1989. One primary level was phased out every year till the school became a full-fledged high school with classes ranging from seven to eight. The school was upgraded to a higher secondary in 2006 with Mrs. Maina Kharga as the principal. The school also had its first All Bhutan Class Ten Topper in 2000 under the leadership of its then principal Mrs. Maina Kharga, making it one of the top high schools in the country. From then onwards, the school has produced many such toppers

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Address : Motithang, Thimphu PO#: 161