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Bhutan International Consultancy Firm

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Bhutan International Consultancy Firm was established with crystal clear motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn qualification from overseas. Established in 2015 by group of experienced professionals, from this date it is provoked by its goal of providing quality service to students who want to continue studies from abroad countries.


Services Provided

Bhutan International Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (BIECPF) will be working closely with its partner institutions and universities so as to provide accurate information. We commit ourselves to provide the best professional services to our students. As stated earlier, our role will be to partner with foreign universities and institutions, which are reliable and reputed. As a firm our role should be recognized and understood by all the stakeholders. Though our primary aim will be to enter into profit earning business, our focus will always be on the welfare of the students. To come into existence BIECPF will require strong promotional activities together with good public relation (PR). The services that BIECPF will be bring to Bhutanese students and parents will be new to this generation.

Career counselling: BIECPF will help students to choose right college/university and course to study in right country. Initially our consultancy will try to understand student’s perspective in which country they are willing to study and what is his/her background

Selection of right College and University:
BIECPF will help students in selection of good educational institutions. Our main task is also to discover well-established institutions and provide students with error-free applications. We will make options for students simple by advising them good institutions that would go with their individual, educational and financial position. BIECPF will also guide the students constantly on topic like, payment of fees, suitable accommodation, and weather conditions with suitable clothing options.

Organizing Seminars:
BIECPF will organize seminars for the students in auditoriums, hotels and schools at their comfort from the representatives of the foreign colleges and universities directly. This will give the platform for students to directly communicate and share the views.

BIECPF will constantly organize exhibitions which will include some of the best know universities and colleges from around the globe at the comfort of the students and parents. This will save the time for both students and parents.

Information on Admission requirement:
Every country has their own criterion for international students to be admitted in their institutions. Some countries are particular about English test (e.g. in Australia only IELTS is valid and in United states GRE/GMAT exam are mandate for graduate level while in UK IELTS score of 5.5 is must in each component).

Overall assistance on Acceptance letter:
BIECPF over the time will be authorized by various reputed educational institutions across the globe to represent them in Bhutan. We help our students to enrol in our authorized institutions. This is the first stepping on processing of student movement. Once students are convinced of our services and counselling, the following steps will be taken:-
Step 1) Application will be thoroughly checked if the students have filled in all the sections.
Step 2) Authenticate all the certificates through Royal Court of Justices which is than scanned and sent to the university the student is applying. Scanning is fast, reliable and gives quick feedback.
Step 3) Make an appointment between the student and the college representative to talk over phone, Skype or MSN for the initial interview. Many genuine universities and colleges require students to sit for a one to one interview.
Step 4) The College will give the feedback to us as the student’s consultancy which will then be communicated to the student and his/her parents.
Step 5) if an offer letter is provided to the student than he/she will have to make an initial deposit as per the request of the college which will also be mentioned in the offer letter. Once such stated fees is paid than the college will guarantee the seat of the student. It will be UECPF’s role to make sure that the financial transaction is smooth and steady.
Step 6) Arrange accommodation and travel for the student
Step 7) Alternative overseas contact details for students whilst they are studying will be of UECPF so that we are aware of student activity and in case of emergency.

Formatting Documents:
Document formatting is the major part to get success for student immigration and admission. In documentation we will advise our students to prepare necessary documents according to the requirements of the Immigration/Embassy and college/university.

Visa preparation classes:
Our consultancy will prepare students how to countenance interviews in an embassy. If the student is applying to any of the visa-regulated countries, it will be BIECPF’s responsibilities till the student receives his/her visa successfully. For the visa following steps will be taken: –
Step1) once the student has made the initial deposit to the school, we expect to receive travel letter from the school not more than 15 days after the payment.
Step2) after receiving the travel letter, depending on the destination of study, we will advice student to travel India and apply with the embassy where the study is intended.

Travel Arrangement and Accommodation:
We will guide our students in travel arrangements and accommodation so that the whole journey will be made comfortable. All students will be given pre departure briefing, which will make them aware of what to face after arrival in totally new environment of foreign country.

Being a focal point and providing necessary feedback to the parents/sponsors:
BIECPS will act as a focal point for the students/colleges/parents and sponsors in case of emergency that requires or service. Furthermore we also plan to create a system which would give up to date feedback of the student to their parents back home.

Bhutan International Consultancy & Placement Firm

1st Floor, NPPF Building, Below IMTART Hospital, Chorten Lam, Post Box 1528, Thimphu, Bhutan

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