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Bhutan Ecological Society


We are a non-profit organization that connects science, business, and policy with the goal of building and sustaining resilient communities and functional landscapes. Leveraging the power of enterprise, BES aims to create and sustain functional physical environments (built and natural) that provide for human needs and foster prosperity, while ensuring the integrity of ecosystems. Over the next decade, we will create and sustain impactscapes, large landscapes, both rural and urban, which are functional and provide for food, energy, water and species. Such impactscapes will create jobs, increase self-sufficiency, build resilient communities, proactively adapt to climate change and ensure the persistence of biodiversity. We will pilot, demonstrate and upscale climate adaptation strategies in collaboration with communities, academia, civil society and the government. We will continue to deliver innovative environmental education programs and address key policy, applied and basic science research needs.

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Phone : +975 2 330 346
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Address : Thori Lam, Lower Changangkha Thimphu, Bhutan